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Clinical Crown Lengthening
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Clinical Crown Lengthening

This is periodontal (gum) surgery that is essential prior to some restorative work being carried out.
Re-contouring of the gum is done to ensure that the new restorations can be constructed to the highest possible standard, and most importantly so that they can be maintained to provide you with health and comfort for the longest possible time. Restorations constructed under these conditions last for many years longer than those which aren't.

You will have a couple of small sutures that will stay in place for about 5 days. The area concerned will be sore afterwards for a varying number of days. Cleaning is of the utmost priority and although it will be uncomfortable to brush, it is essential that you do so. If bleeding occurs (and it is not unusual) do not worry. This will help with the healing process and not interfere with the sutures. Warm salt rinses after the first day will also be beneficial.

We will see you approximately 4-6 weeks later to ensure all is well and you are ready to proceed with the next step of your treatment.

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