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When part of the tooth has broken off, or if there is an extremely large old filling, a crown (cap) will be needed to strengthen the tooth. The dentist will remove any old fillings as well as decay and place a new core into the tooth. In some cases you may need a special post inserted into the root to hold the crown onto the tooth. Once this has been done the dentist will shape the tooth so that a crown can be fitted over it. A mould is taken of the tooth which is given to our dental lab so that they can make it fit the tooth perfectly. At the same time we take a colour shade so that the crown is made exactly the same colour as its neighbouring teeth.

While we are waiting for the crown to be made a temporary crown is fitted over the tooth for about 1 week. Depending on the position of the tooth in the mouth the dentist will give you various types of crowns to choose from. If strength is important the crown may have an internal metal core covered with porcelain. If cosmetics is more important we may use a metal free crown which will have a even more natural appearance. On your return appointment the crown is fitted with permanent cement.

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