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Dental Laboratory

At Fulham Dental Care we have our own Dental Laboratory on the premises. This allows the dentist and the dental technician to work together when planning the more complex cases. It also means that the technician is on site to take the shade of the teeth involved thereby saving you time and providing you with a end product that will always look extremely natural and be of the best quality.

Our lab uses all the latest techniques when manufacturing your cosmetic crown or veneer as well as the best quality materials thus providing you with a perfect smile that will look great for longer. They are also extremely experienced in Implant retained crowns and bridges.

Another advantage of having them on site is a reduction in the time they take to make the product which in turn means you wear the temporary crown or veneer for a shorter period. They can also provide a "same day" service when it comes to denture repairs, sports guards, night guards, and bleaching trays.
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