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Brite Smile

This is a revolutionary breakthrough in tooth whitening, which offers a simple, safe, state of the art way to return your teeth to the optimal natural whiteness.
It is a painless procedure where with halogen light technology the stains are oxidized from within the tooth structure. It only takes an hour! Once you have visited the oral hygienist to remove all the plaque and stains, the dentist will evaluate your teeth to decide if the procedure will be successful or not. Porcelain crowns and veneers will not change colour during this procedure.

The dentist will first place various protective barriers over your eyes, cheeks, lips and gums. We take a photo to show the shade of your teeth before the procedure. After this a special gel will be coated over the teeth and then the halogen light will be shone onto the teeth for 20 minutes thus activating the gel. This process will be repeated up to four times until your teeth have reached their optimal shade. After this has been done we will give you some information helping you to maintain the new shade as long as possible including whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes.

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